03 March 2012

Quickie Update

If there's anything I'm consistent
about, it's complaining.
Wow. This has got to be the most difficult term at Seton Hill thus far.

I'm in a class that's preparing us for a possible career in teaching composition or creative writing at the university level, and the weekly workload is compounded in difficulty by all the theoretical readings we have to do. Theory and criticism =  VERY DRY READING.

What would normally take me a couple hours to slog through takes me a couple days.

On top of that, this is the term where I'm supposed to kick up my daily writing for my novel, The Name and the Key, because it's due IN FULL this September. I've not kept up daily writing, not at all. This is very bad. I am officially twice as behind as I should be.

I'm also trying to keep this blog exciting, as well as trying to put back in all those lovely tabs that sat on the header for a long time saying "UNDER CONSTRUCTION." I also got new business cards, and for a little bit they matched my website right up until I changed everything again June of 2012. Oy.

In other news....

Trying to keep up with my 2012 goals has also been very difficult. I've hit a plateau in the health area, especially on the weight loss (I'd lost five more lbs since the post then saw a few of them return) and actually things are getting a little funkier because of my stress levels. Like horrible nightmares every single freakin' time I sleep, for one. Plus feeling lethargic and kind of mehh about everything. Mehh = no motivation. No motivation = fail.
STRESS= Pffffft
 (cc) by GRPH3B18.

And I completely have to redo my 2012 Con list based on budgeting and how much I spent at Ohayocon this year. Trying to plan for cons this year takes up a lot of my non-school time, especially since I'm trying to do as many free or discounted things as possible. Oh, and after attending Ohayocon, I decided to give cosplay a shot. Which, if you want to do right, can cost money.

So...I can continue rambling about how miserable I feel about everything, but let's go ahead and do a 2012 CONVENTION LIST UPDATE for the next and newest post instead!