19 May 2012

I'm a Colossal Con Panelist!

Ohhhhh yeaahhhh!
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 I want let you guys know that on

Thursday, June 7th: 8pm 

I will be presenting my one hour panel, Give Good Spec! at Colossal Con 2012. HOORAY!!! Here's the program description:

Calling all storytellers--no matter who you are or what you create, if you're a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, this panel is for you. This triad of awesome is known as speculative fiction, and it's popular for a reason, and it comes in many forms--fiction, manga, the graphic novel--but popular can sometimes be problematic (hello, clich├ęs and tropes!). So how do we give good spec? We get to the heart of storytelling!

This is pretty awesome news, and I'm nervous and excited. Unfortunately my FMA and Real Alchemy panel was rejected, but it was for reasons totally out of my control (scheduling conflicts/guests/programming). The panel heads really liked it; they thought it was very interesting and encouraged me to resubmit it for next year's Colossal Con...so it was actually a very good rejection!

Round 2: Ohayocon 2013!
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I'll be tweaking the panel, of course. I'll be shortening it to one hour (I submitted it as a two hour panel, and honestly, I think that's part of the reason why they couldn't fit it in the schedule) and I'll also retitle it to something like The Alchemy of FMA. My original title was good, but technically it sounds like I'm treating alchemy as a real thing, which is very, very debatable and kind of controversial, depending on who you talk to. My panel is more about historical alchemy and how Hiromu Arakawa interprets it in the context of her manga and in both anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist. So...The Alchemy of FMA sounds more accurate to what I'm presenting. Anyway, I hope to submit it to future cons!

This may be a little too ambitious...
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Lastly, I leave you with a comic book collage I made for Colossal Con. These are my tentative cosplays...Lust is a go for certain but I wanted to try Daenerys because I love Game of Thrones and I actually owned almost all of her costume already (pulled it out of storage). However, the costume itself has an awkward fit and I'm still trying to figure out the hair (my eyebrows...yikes)...so I'm not sure how long I'll wear it at the Con or if I'll even go through with it altogether. But it sure is nice to play dress-up in the bathroom at home!