14 May 2012

Today I think about family.

Dad and Mom.
The cutest couple in scrubs!
Today is one of those days where I can't help but think of my family, and how much we've been through and how much I love all of you.

It's Mother's Day and I'm so grateful for my mother and grandmother and all the women in my family. We're funny and tenacious and tough, and I love that about all of us.

My grandmother is amazing. She's been coping as best as she can with the recent loss of her husband, our grandfather, and this was a bittersweet Mother's Day because it was the first family gathering at her house without Grandpa there. She is so brave. I love her. And Grandpa, I love you and miss you too, and I still can't believe you're gone.

Grandpa and Grandma!
I love my mother so much. She saves my life every day, in the largest and smallest of ways. I have no idea what I would do without her, and I'm glad that I can find so much of myself in her, and so much of herself in me. I am thankful for her all the time, although I always don't show it in the best of ways, and I hope I can repay her for all her kindnesses some day. 

Today is also my father's birthday. Dad passed away a little over a year and a half ago, very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a good man. One of my favorite stories is how my mom fell in love with him. They met when they worked at Sloan Kettering, and Mom saw how kind and sweet and gentle he was with patients, and that was one of the reasons why she loved him. My Dad is an underestimated treasure. I didn't always realize how good you were to me, especially during some of my times of trouble. You never pressured me, you supported every choice I made, and you always let me make my own decisions. Ich liebe dich. I love you and miss you.     

Me and my sister.
Me and my brother.
And I love my brother and sister! Never underestimate the liberating power and joy of acting completely off-the-wall, crazy-goofy. We're like every movie cliche gone terribly wrong: singing off-key at the top of our lungs (even though we all can sing), talking in stupid voices for no reason, drawing awful pictures, writing dirty stories, and laughing as much as possible. We're just as silly as we were when we were children. And I'm glad we still act this way around each other as adults, because when life gets rough, we act ridiculous. I love that our silliness always brought my parents joy, that no matter how far apart we grew in terms of miles. Every time we visited Mom or Dad, we would always be back to laughing our asses off within minutes of seeing each other, and Mom in Ohio and Dad in New York would always say the same thing: "It's great to hear you laughing again. It's good to see you again." Here's to many, many more years of laughter.  I love you both so much!

Thank you, God, for my family, one of the greatest gifts of all.