15 December 2012

I need to keep this blog exciting! Gahhh!

(c) iStock
...But with what, pray tell? I'm kinda crazy busy and then when school starts up I'll be freakishly kinda crazy busy.

So I guess this'll be another art post to tide you over until I write a criticism of something, or an end-of-the-year-new year-goals blog listing.

Ta-dah! I make digital drawings when the stress of everything makes me want to go kaboom. Since I've been exploding so much lately, I honestly think it's done me some good in the art department. I think I'm getting better with drawing and coloring. I still have room for improvement but I was pleasantly surprised with my art once I finished with it.

Anyway, this is a character not of my creation, but by DA artist Rento-X-Akatsuki. The character's name is Zen Xin Luan Caolt and he possesses a magical ability to transform into a fire serpent. And that's all I know about this character. I found about him because Rento and I agreed to do a Christmas card exchange in the mail. I thought it'd just be cards but she mentioned actually making something ...so I was like, "Crap, I have to draw something real quick!" And I scrambled a couple days ago to make this. She doesn't know about this art yet, but I feel safe posting the image here because I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog. Anyway, I mailed her card today with a special art print of the image below. When I know she's received the card, I'll formally upload this image to dA and hopefully my watchers will like it.

Zen Xin Luan Caolt--The Fire Serpent by Kristina Elyse Butke
(c) 2012. All rights reserved. Usage of this artwork is restricted.
And in other news, I received another pretty awesome piece of Lily and Andresh artwork, so here it is:

(c) 2012 By Lego Vasavouchi. All rights reserved. Usage of this image is restricted.
2012 Christmas Tree! Sugar Plum, la la la!
This artist is completely committed to exquisite detailing. She put alchemy symbols all over Andresh's jacket, for example, which is just freaking awesome of her and a great surprise. You can read more about her design choices here. What's extra awesome is that I won a free commission from her, so my next art from Lego will be of Demon-Shadow Andresh. Woohoo! How many times can I use the word "awesome" in a single post?

Last but not least, I put up the Christmas tree again this year. I like my tree, but I got sick of using the same Christmas ornaments three years in a row, so I braved Mom's garage and climbed the ladder to the storage area, and whipped out 20-year old Christmas decorations we've held onto all this time. Here's the tree, in a moment of zen.

And finally, finally...I wish everybody joy and peace. I am so sick of hearing awful news and terrible tragedies, and knowing that people are scared and suffering out there. God bless everyone! My heart goes out to you.