13 November 2014

Reality is a Harsh Mistress.

Source: Mikael's Playground 
I hate feeling this way about Nanowrimo and trying to balance work with work!

It's the end of the term for all of my English classes and the workload for both my students and myself have piled up.

I felt really confident going into Nanowrimo to work on The Step and the Walk--I even thought I had a solid chance of completing the book! But trying to balance teaching (my job) with writing (my job) has been exceptionally difficult.

This is what happened last year around Nano, where I let school work overwhelm me, and then my writing got brushed by the wayside.

Even if I wasn't completing in Nano, I'm discouraged that writing my book is still being left behind.

For those who work and write full time, how do you find the balance between the two? I feel the more time eats away from the book, the more I'm hurting my chances at success.

I have not found a personal, magical formula that allows me to write and teach writing at the same time.

Any suggestions?