15 July 2015

Heads-Up Seven Up: On Promotions and Book Reviews

Image by Pixelbliss. Licensed from BigStock.
Time and I aren't always the best of friends, mostly because I can't work out an agreement with how much I can consistently give to it (there's a long history of posts on my website documenting this phenomenon). 

One of the goals I had for my website was to review books I'd read, and since joining Goodreads I've had a few authors reach out to me where they've offered me a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review. Same thing happened on Twitter. 

I am like...a year or more overdue on some of these reviews, and because of this, I end up buying a copy of the book anyway to compensate the author for the freebie, since I can't seem to get my reading under control and pump out these reviews in a timely fashion.

This is a long-standing issue I've had, and weirdly enough, I strongly believe it is tied to a health condition of mine. Ever since I was diagnosed with it ten years ago, my ability to concentrate and read for long periods of time has considerably deteriorated (this author here describes a similar loss pretty eloquently if you'd like to know more). It's one of the most devastating things to happen to me and as much as I've tried, it is a struggle for me to finish any book I've started--even when the book is extremely well-written.

I owe about three reviews to different authors--two who gave me free books, and one because I won the book in a giveaway. I plan on getting my crap together to post these online with an apology to each author...and then I'm not going to review books anymore. 

What I AM going to do, though, to make up for this lack, is to continue to promote other writers' works with simple advertising. The best and most unique way I know how to do this is with my Proust Your Protagonist series, which allows readers to get to know a character before reading the book. 

But I'm also disclosing that I've willingly signed up with advertising groups to feature books and pre-written articles by other authors. 

My first advertising venture is with Elite Book Promotions and I'll have some stuff coming up soon for authors who have paid for special promotions through them. I do not get compensated in any way for working with Elite Book Promotions as a blog host; I volunteered to do this. My reasoning: if authors are going to pay for special promotion packages, they should get the best bang for their buck with a wide online reach. Offering up my blog for advertising is the one way I can help out with this that's easy for me in terms of time and commitment (since we know I'm not always good about writing posts consistently!). It never hurts to get more eyes on your work out there (except maybe if you're these people?) and I know that competition for readers is fierce for everyone, whether you're self-published or not. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to let everyone know what's what in terms of my stance on doing book reviews (and if I do any review going forward, it's because I felt strongly enough about a work to do one--not because it was solicited), and to also give you a heads-up on some of the advertising posts you'll be seeing on this blog.