Fantastical Settings and Real-Life Inspirations

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One of the most wonderful and challenging aspects for the fantasy writer is creating a new world.  The key to world-building is that no matter how fantastic and far you go with it, there still has to be  an element of realism so readers can sink into the story easily. It plays to that whole idea of the suspension of disbelief--we should infuse "human interest and a sense of truth" (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) into our fantasy, because readers need to latch onto something familiar within the unfamiliar in order for them to feel welcome to journey on.

The world is an amazing place--it's the best start for shaping a new one of your own.

For a glimpse into my own worldbuilding, I've sorted my fictional locations according to the book in which they appear. If you want more help with worldbuilding, the website Mythcreants has some wonderful articles. Pinterest is another great resource where you can assemble images to form a composite picture of your world. Boards for all of my fiction are there, with details of costumes, architecture, geography, and more.

The Name and the Key

  • Mariner, a coastal town and major trade port. Home of "Bellamy Mercantile," the shop where Lily Camlo and her family live
  • Rookwood Marshes, a brief setting for life-changing and tragic events in the novel. 

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