18 November 2010

"Our Town Attacked by Zombies" by Nate Zoebl

The townsfolk are starting to turn...
Photo (c) Nate Zoebl
So far my blog has primarily been about horror fiction. But what about a less familiar realm--horror theater? There's the historical tradition of the Grand Guignol, and more modern offerings, such Shockheaded Peter and Sweeney Todd; but on the whole, horror as a theatrical genre still feels like undiscovered territory.

I am pulling for horror theater's success and would love more shows of this nature to be embraced by the mainstream (as well as the elite, picky veteran Broadway goer); which is why I am tickled to death that I am friends with very creative people who also want this to happen.

The latest contribution to horror theater is Our Town Attacked by Zombies. This is exactly how it sounds... Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Our Town subjected to the onslaught of the current Zombie Apocalypse that has infiltrated popular culture as of late.

Something is terribly wrong in Grover's Corners!
Photo (c) Nate Zoebl
I have been up-and-down with how I feel about this trend. I think it's going the way with other trends right now--one or two of these works have proven to be unexpectedly successful, fun, and entertaining...and then everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon. On the one hand, the "monstrification" or "zombification" of literature can be potentially a ton of fun to read. But so were vampires at one point. And werewolves. And...you get my point.

 In my very first post, I even slammed this trend as becoming tiresome. But as with everything that's popular--if you come across something great, it'll stand out among the rabble. Every trend and cliche will fall back into the blurry mush of everything and you'll remember the one good piece among the dozens that try to do the same thing (poorly). I have to tell you, I found Our Town Attacked by Zombies that enjoyable and memorable. Just hilarious, dramatic, and touching--a blend that's hard to pull off. 

To read more about it, check out the next post, where I interview the playwright!

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  1. Our high school is doing LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in January...does that count? I love the idea of the OUR TOWN thing!

  2. Being able to experience this show was awesome! it reminded me of the campy 50's style horror drive in, but kept the overall vibe and feel that Wilder was aiming for. I agree Kristina that the genre of theater horror is hard to find, and not main stream, it can be an intense, enticing and a wonderful experience. I look forward to were your writing takes us to the stage again!


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