03 March 2012

2012 Convention Update!

It's 2012, and I started the year with specific goals, but my oh my, do plans change.  Here's an updated version of the 2012 Cons list!  (Ohayocon has been completed, see here.)

FAL Licensed by  Mspecht
SACRED SPACE. March 8-11, 2012 in Laurel, Maryland.

Type of Con: Esoteric, Inter-faith, Metaphysical, Educational

This event is actually a conference, not a convention. Which means there's not really a fandom vibe at this event, more like a place for serious study and workshops. I learned about this through Lonely Coyote, and I happen to know a couple of the board members on the con. There's some pretty neat topics being covered by strong presenters, and this conference will really, really help me out with my novel.

As you may or may not know, I write fantasy...technically, according to my mentor, dark fantasy (which seems to nicely combine elements of horror and fantasy into a single genre).  And as any reader of fantasy knows, magic is an integral part of the genre. You could even go so far as to say it is the primary condition of the genre contract with the reader. There's certainly magic in my novel, The Name and the Key. And there's a lot of influence from Buddhism, Daoism, Hermeticism, Roma folklore and folk-life, and Alchemy... these are real things. As in, things that exist in history, and things that are still practiced by a living population to this day. It's my burden as an author to understand these things, and to "get it right," even if I make my own alterations to them to suit the purpose of my story.

This conference addresses both history and current practice of esoteric beliefs,  and I'll get a lot of great information that will hopefully make my novel feel a little more substantial to my readers.  Plus, to drive down my cost, I'll be working as a volunteer for the weekend. I'm nervous and excited about it, especially since it's in less than a week. And of course, I'll give you a full review of the event once I return.

COLOSSALCON June 7-10, 2012, in Sandusky, Ohio.

Type of convention: Anime, Gaming, Manga, Japanese Culture

Some ColossalCon updates:

1) I am cosplaying! This is a definite GO!

I am going to cosplay as Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Update 6/12: Good to go!
Image (Limited cc) KEB
I'm excited and nervous about this. I picked her because I actually know information about her character, and for those new to cosplay, it's sort of an unwritten rule that you should try to stay "in character" as the character if you're going to run around in costume. At the least, you should try to be in character when you are being photographed.

I can't do her voice though, so I'm not even going to bother with that.  But, I'm going to try and play up some physical similarities I share with her...the hair, the skin, and....boobs.  I'm really worried about the clinginess of the costume, though, since I'm a large woman and anime, comic book, manga and superhero character designs are not friendly to certain body types.  And people aren't always kind to plus-sized cosplayers, either. The fact that, as I mentioned in my previous post, my weight loss has flatlined kind of has me freaking out about this. I don't expect miracles by June, just a healthier figure. But I did get a corset and some shapewear to help out with the fit. I've got the costume commissioned (being made now!) and I'm working on Lust's claws myself...(not going so well, though). I should have everything together by the end of April. Stay tuned for updates...

2) I applied to be a panelist at Colossal Con!

As posted previously in my Ohayocon review, I was a bit hard on the panelists. I was disappointed by most of them. This disappointment has created a strong audacity within me that makes me believe I can run a better panel than some of the ones I've seen. Snobby, right? Especially since I've never run a panel before.  I could be overassessing my abilities, or the panels at Ohayocon sucked that badly, or it's a healthy combination of the two.  But I also feel like the teaching class I'm currently taking is going to help me out with this, too, so I may not be 100% delusional in my ability to run a topic.

Yesterday I submitted a full outline for a two-hour panel called FMA and Real Alchemy. Can you even remotely guess what it could be about?  

If the topic gets approved, this is what the panel will look like in the program description:

A homunculus can't do alchemy, but they can teach it to you! Join Lust for an exciting intro to alchemy and its important role in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. You'll learn about Edward Elric and the Great Work, the Ouroboros, the Homunculi, the real Hohenheim... and you'll even create your own transmutation circle! A panel not to be missed--it'll blow your mind!

I'm coming up with a second panel (just a one-hour) called Give Good Spec, which will be about writing sci fi, fantasy, and horror, and a focus on writing for comics at the end of the panel. I'm still creating an outline/submission plan for this and will send it out once I'm done.

3 hours of panels  = FREE ADMISSION TO COLOSSAL CON!

Hosting a panel at Colossal Con = author exposure, possible web traffic, new friends, and teaching practice! And it may be even popular enough that I can run it for Ohayocon 2013!

I am crossing my fingers that these panels get approved. They're exciting and nervewracking and I'll let you know the progress on this, too. If you want to submit a panel as well, the deadline is April 27, 2012. Submit here, and good luck!


I can only do so much with so little time and $. Looks like Sacred Space and Colossal Con are taking the cake for the rest of 2012. Since I'm going all-out at these cons, I did have to sacrifice Marcon and Contexts 25 to accommodate these changes.

So...next week....SACRED SPACE!

Until then, I gotta go back to doing all the extra homework I have to do before I leave. *Sigh*.


  1. I knew that some cons let you volunteer to get in free, and I'd thought of that before, but I didn't even consider presenting as a way to get in! I should totally took into that! Not for now, I just can't do that, but maybe for the second half of the year, or for next year.

    My main reaction to this teaching class, actually, is a reaffirmation that I don't want to teach full time in any context--but I love presenting papers at conferences, and I suppose I could parley that into something like holding seminars or presenting panels, couldn't I?

    Look out, world. I'm so going to be up in your specfic world. And if your panels are approved and go well, you will be, too! We'll be convention queens!


  2. Let's do it! Let's be convention queens!


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