28 May 2012

Colossal Con Update!

A slide from my PowerPoint presentation.
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As I've shouted from the hilltops as much as I possibly can, I'm a Colossal Con panelist!! My panel, Give Good Spec! is Thursday, June 7th, 8pm. This will be my first Colossal Con, as well as my first panel ever. Whee!

What is Colossal Con? 
"Colossalcon is an anime, gaming, and Japanese culture convention taking place June 7th-10th 2012. Located at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio, we are your ultimate summer vacation getaway. Start your summer with a splash at Colossalcon!" -- (c) Official Website

Official Map and Convention Schedule is posted!
Stop by Event Room 6 Thursday night!

What is Give Good Spec?
"Calling all storytellers--no matter who you are or what you create, if you're a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, this panel is for you. This triad of awesome is known as speculative fiction, and it's popular for a reason, and it comes in many forms--fiction, manga, the graphic novel--but popular can sometimes be problematic (hello, clich├ęs and tropes!). So how do we give good spec? We get to the heart of storytelling!"  -- Colossal Con program

Give Good Spec! is a fun and highly interactive panel, where we look at the genres of speculative fiction, discuss why they're awesome, why they suck, and how to do the genres justice. We'll be doing plenty of activities, including writing and drawing, while we focus on the essentials of a great story. And yes, I'll send you home with some goodies, too!

Can't wait to see you there!

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