26 August 2012

Lily and Andresh, by Maruka

(c) Maruka.

This is so beautiful. *Sigh*

And so romantic. *Sigh*

And so magical. *Sigh*

I really, really love this. In fact, I think my thank-you message to Maruka probably sounded like a love letter, for all I know. It was very complimentary of her work and her attention to detail, and full of rambling and lots of exclamation points.

When readers finally get their hands on my book, The Name and the Key, they'll read passages of description--Andresh's coat; the smoke from calling on Shadow magic; of how Lily and Andresh see each other--they'll read my words, and when they look at Maruka's art, they'll see how closely it matches. I'm very impressed. I hope all of you are, too.

*Update: I got a bonus freebie sketch! How awesome is that? It's Lily's little sister, Elaine (aka Laney). Check it out here!

For more of Maruka's work, check out her official website, her Deviant Art, her Anipan page, and her Tumblr. Be sure to take a look at her awesome interview over at Something We Like! And please, commission her!


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