26 September 2012

It's Getting So Close!

The Name and the Key.
(c) 2012 by Spikie.
All rights reserved.
Just submitted another batch of my novel to my mentor and email critique partners.

Normally I like to submit a full, coherent chapter of about 20 pages or so, but this time I pulled a half-and-half: the first half of one of the Highgate scenes, and then the sort-of-beginning of one of the Mottledell scenes.  It's probably one of my weirdest submissions yet just because it's so all over the place.

Since I'm writing the book completely out of order now, it's easier for me to refer to the scenes geographically. Highgate refers to the wealthy part of Mariner, the seaside city in which Lily and her family live.

The Mottledell is a little area of nature outside of Mariner. It's a good little hike from town, and it's one of Lily's secret places. Whenever she needs to get away from the bustle of the city (or even take a break from her sister and grandmother), Lily escapes to the Mottledell for some peace of mind.

The Mottledell also makes an excellent training ground for learning magic. BOO-YAH!

Did I ever mention how hard it is to come up with a magic system? It's also difficult to wade through hundreds of years of philosophy and esoteric thought, along with the mysteries of alchemy, and try to find a way to work them into my magic system without making it sound overly complicated, highly self-conscious, and unexciting.

Coming up with a magic system is one of the trickiest parts of writing fantasy. There's the expectation that your magic has to have some rules or logic to it to help suspend disbelief; and yet at the same time, I kind of want to stand up and shout with N. K. Jemisin: "But, But But--WHY does magic have to make sense?"

So yeah. September was a very hard submission month.

Especially since I mentally departed for about half of September after I found out the book wasn't due today.

Ok, on that note, let's end the whining with something awesome. Here's my word count after today's sub:

75,714 out of 80,000!

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