24 September 2012

Shout-out, Mr. Dixon!

Fellow author, SHUmate, and Troublemaker John Dixon has some pretty exciting stuff happening. Click the logo for the Deadline Hollywood article: CBS Buys High-Concept Drama from Writer Michael Seitzman.

CBS classic logo from 1966. Booyah! (Wikmedia Commons)
That's right. John's book Dissident is the source for the future CBS series Intelligence. To paraphrase TV Tropes, John's book just leveled up. And you can only go up from here--I know you're book's unpublished now, but it won't be for long. I've got a good feeling. :)

For more about John Dixon, check out his blog, The Dark Flibbertigibbet. And be sure to read his stuff!


  1. Thanks, Kristina! You're such a good friend, sharing this here. I'm pumped about the book -- pumped and hopeful -- and, by the way, I love the LOST BOYS. Haven't seen it in years... something I must correct!

    Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks!

    I think you're thinking of the Lost Boys with Kiefer Sutherland, right? That's a fun movie.

    ...I was thinking of Steven Spielberg's notorious "failure" Hook, and of Rufio's Lost Boys.

    I never made it out of the 90s, you see. ;)

    1. Ha ha -- pretty funny mistake on my part. I think, by the way, that it must've been decades since someone so poorly versed in film and TV has triggered a show. Perhaps I should start watching this "TV" thing!

  3. Ha ha, yes, Television is a most wondrous invention. In the meantime I'm still trying to learn the numerous subsets of this newfangled contraption called The Internet...


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