20 October 2012

Sexy Andresh and a Taste of Romance!

It's time for some more awesome artwork from Deviant Art, now officially one of my favorite places on the internets! (Yes, it's getting to the point where it's starting to become addictive. And this is one of many reasons why I don't have Facebook, kids...I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL...)

(c) 2012 by Chrecand
Holy freaking whoa! Look at him!!! LOOK AT HIM! 

Andresh has a tendency to come across as yummy in a lot of the works by Deviant Artists. He's the kind of character that has many different attractive qualities, and it's been great seeing how the artists bring him to life.

It's also been great (and kind of ego-boosting) to hear how many people do, in fact, find him attractive. Let me get a little braggy here--sorry:  A romance author in the program (Monica Schryver) called him a dark, romantic hero, based on a little excerpt of the book she critiqued. (Actually, a few of the romance genre students are taken with him). My mentor Scott digs him big time--at our last in-person meeting he flat-out said, "I really want to know what happens to Andresh!"  That character's a page-turner for him. Here's some feedback from Deviant Artists:
  • "Andresh is so cute! [...] He is really fine. Lily is so lucky! I'd love to have a conversation with him [...] He seems like an interesting guy to sit down and have a cup of coffee with or something."
  • "Btw. Andresh is so handsome. ;c I'm sure you get that a lot." 
  • "He is really fun to draw!" 
I've gotten more feedback about him; these are just some gems I'd like to share with you. ANYWAY...

Back to Chrecand. This artwork makes me so happy because she nailed it. (She did an excellent Lily, too!) Everything that makes Andresh attractive is conveyed in this piece.

 I don't just mean his physical appearance, either (although I have to say, when I opened my note with the link to her work, my first thought was "Hottie!"). Andresh is confident. He's the type of person who'd say something like, "Bring it! I'm ready. You don't know what I've been through--I can take on ANYTHING!" And the thing is, Andresh's experiences give him the right to say that, and have it be true (for the most part). The look on Andresh's face, his posture--I see confidence, and a slight hint of mischief, too. I'm super-pleased with this work!

For more of Chrecand's work, visit her Deviant Art page! If you like what you see, commission the artist!

(c) 2012 by Crispygray
Oh, gosh. (Tears and a sigh!). I've never really been a romantic person, but I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't affect me in any way when I see or read something that's very endearing. So when I saw this my heart got all fluttery at how sweet (and ROMANTIC!) Lily and Andresh look in this artwork. 

I love everything about it. I mentioned in an earlier post somewhere (I think this one--scroll down to the photo of Tamaki and Haruhi) that it's very difficult to illustrate THE LOOK...but Crispy Gray did it! See how Lily and Andresh are looking at each other? 


And that background is fantastic. Very pretty designs; and I LOVE (and am jealous) of how Crispy Gray can play with light and shadow. If you want me to get snooty art history about it then I'd say something like, "What a fascinating use of chiaroscuro!" The whole image, and every effect in it, works well together to portray Lily and Andresh's relationship.

For more of CrispyGray's work, visit her Deviant Art page! If you like what you see, commission the artist!


  1. Isn't the top image a little but of a rip off of The Little Prince?

  2. Ha ha, that's great! I think "ripoff" may be a little harsh...I'd say it's more like a coincidence :) The character design is mine, actually (including the clothes), but Chrecand used this as a ref: http://kristinaelyse.deviantart.com/favourites/51268132#/d5eczd9

    But it's funny that it's so similar, esp. in terms of the coat and the pose!

    It kinda fits, though. They tease Andresh in the book and refer to him as a "prince" because of his clothes...so maybe in a weird roundabout way, it works?



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