05 December 2012

1, 2, 3, 4! Lily & Andresh? Have some more!

They just keep coming! More and more! Ever since I figured out that point commissions trumped dollar commissions, I've been having an easier time securing custom artwork from Deviant Art. When strangers wander over to my profile page, they leave comments about how they've enjoyed looking at my Character Gallery, which makes me grin from ear to ear. It has been fun seeing what everyone comes up with, and I'm happy to share their work with you! Oddly enough, a lot of this art I requested several months ago and now it seems everyone is finishing them up at the same time...

As for artwork to look forward to, any new commissions I've requested are now going to feature something quite different--Andresh's demon/beast form, which should be exciting (first artist up to try it is Maruka, who made me this lovely gem). I also have a Lily and Andresh piece coming from this person who is quite a talented artist, but also just so happens to have voiced this character, among many others. That's kind of mind-blowing in and of itself. Woo!

(c) 2012 by Cinnamon Ring
(c) 2012 by AngelG93
Andresh and Lily (Stealing the Spotlight) by BunbunJens
(c) 2012 by BunbunJens
(c) 2012 by DevinArtDevil
(c) 2012 by Sugar Bear Kitty

For more Lily and Andresh pieces, check out the Deviant Art gallery for it--there's even more new artwork you haven't seen yet!


  1. I don't know the term point commissions...I'll have to Google. But love the art. Wow!

  2. Points are currency used only in the Deviant Art community. You have to be a member, but it's free to join. 800 points cost $5...before I knew about them, I was paying $16-$50 on commissions. A lot of artists take point commissions for 100-200 points, so that's like 4 commissions for $5. Much, much cheaper to do it that way versus paying via paypal. Ta-da!

    Glad you like the artwork! Thanks. This project has been very fun. :)

  3. Wow! I didn't even know about the Deviant Art community.


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