29 December 2012

Keeping busy. Here's an update!

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Well, first things first: I had to withdraw my panels for Ohayocon. I'm pretty bummed about this, but at the same time, I'm somewhat relieved. Let me explain: I had a negative experience at the doctor's office early this morning, and after much discussion we pretty much determined that I need to pull back from several things and take care of myself...which hasn't happened for a few months.

Once school started up for me in August, I stopped paying attention to myself as well as my health, because I've been so busy with everything (and majorly stressed out). So it was decided I withdraw from a few things.

I hadn't heard anything from programming on my panels yet (neither rejection or denials), so I didn't think my request to pull my panels from the submission process would be too inconvenient, but who knows, honestly. Ohayocon programming had over 400 panels submitted, and if they were on the verge of notifying me of an acceptance, I'll feel kind of bad. But the relief comes from not having to worry about the panels anymore...or spending the large amount of money needed to create a lot of the things I would need in order to present them (which required a lot of audience participation and activities). It looked like there was a genuine interest in the panels (based on the forums), so I feel a little guilty for dropping out, but I have to pull back and take care of myself more. Unfortunately I prepaid for everything for the convention, and it's non-refundable...so I'll probably still try to go, if I'm able to. That would be a lot of money spent for nothing, yikes.

I got some lovely things for Christmas, and I already started preparing for the new semester by ordering the books I'll need for my Readings in the Genre classes. As for the progress on the novel, I've surpassed 80,000 words a while ago, but I have a bit of a block right now. I wrote eight pages the other day, except it was rewrites of the first chapter. Nothing new seems to have come into my brain, and that isn't good. My personal goal was to finish the book by January 18th, but once again, I don't think I can make my deadline. So...this semester will be really crazy.

I hope you guys had a good holiday! For the time being, I'm trying to update this website (my sub-pages haven't been touched in forever) and clear out my inboxes. Then it's back to the drawing-board with my book.


  1. Life is so ridiculously short...do whatever you need to do to make it good for you. I'll be thinking of you!


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