13 February 2013

A Writer's Dreamlist

Image (cc) by Sadia Zafar
As I try to wrap up my final term at Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program, I'm also trying to figure out what I'd like to do with my writing career once I'm done with grad school.

Some of these ideas crossed my mind a while ago; some popped in my head during the program; but lately, it's because of one of my classes (Writing About Popular Fiction with Dr. Nicole Peeler) is specifically designed for us to focus on our Booklife--who we are, what we want to do, and what we want to make. Jeff Vandermeer's book is one of our required texts, and he's got a pretty straightforward blueprint for listing your goals.

I'm a little bit messier in how I picture what I want to do with my writing life, but here's my "dreamlist" with goals both vague and specific, in no particular order:

  • Obtain agent representation   
  • Nab a contract with a publishing house--see every book I write in print
  • Teach writing workshops to the public
  • Become a professor (likely adjunct faculty based on my qualifications)
  • Be a guest lecturer
  • Continue to give writing panels at conventions
  • Create visual novels and help create content for RPGs
  • Score music for visual novels 
  • Write comics (collaboration with artists and other writers)
  •  Publish my own comic series (that I write and draw myself)
  • Write and produce another musical 
  • Edit, rescore, and publish previously produced theatrical works
  • Continue to write dark fantasy with fairy tale and folkloric elements
  • Develop one of my fantasy series for television and film (TV preferred) OR
  • Develop one of my fantasy series for animation--film or series
  • Create book trailers and small animations
  • Write short stories for publication in anthologies
  • Self-publish less traditional content
  • Improve time management and discipline to pump out works relatively frequently
  • Establish a stronger presence on Deviant Art
  • Expand social media to Twitter and nab a relatively comfortable amount of followers
  • Climb in status to become a convention guest, not just panelist
  • Qualify for membership in the SFWA
  • Receive nominations and/or win industry awards
...I think that's all the stuff I have floating around in my brain at the moment. That's a nice list with goals all over the place, isn't it?  Readers, what are your writerly/artistic dreams?


  1. You are inside my head. O_O

    So many of the things on my list--the movies, the comics,the games, the productivity--are very much like my list. I have, like, 'work with Joss Whedon' and some things like that, but it looks like we'll be colleagues for ages!




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