11 February 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is the Year of the Snake!
Image (cc) by Mike Peel
恭禧發財!! Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's the Chinese New Year, but I'd also like to take the time to acknowledge a very belated Happy New Year for the Western calender as well.

Normally in January I do a post about goals and wishes for the new year. For 2012 I had four separate goals: Go to conventions, get healthier, learn to draw, and finish my book.  Here's how I did:
  • Go to Cons: Attended two conventions and one conference. Presented my first writing panel at Colossal Con.
  • Get healthier: I lost 40 lbs. Bad news--by December I regained almost all of it due to stress and other icky health stuff. 
  • Learn to draw: I'm not where I'd like to be, but I've done a lot of art in a small amount of time and have a fairly decent following on Deviant Art now! By learning from scratch, I can now do some very basic things in Manga Studio, Photoshop and Creative Suite, which may help me with graphics design for my site in the future. Also, made some very good contacts via commissions.
  • Finish the book. Did not make this one by a long shot. The book is due April 10th and I'm supposed to get a finished copy to my proofreader by February 28th. School is crazy right now (three classes!!) and I didn't anticipate how much time my classes would suck away from the book. I'm in panic mode right now.
So what are my 2013 goals in comparison? Well, I definitely want to get my health back on track again, but I think it would be easier to narrow my goal down to one thing:

If I make a schedule or timeline, I should follow it.

That's my goal for the new year.  Time management has always killed me, and a lot of stuff has suffered because whenever I come up with a good plan, my behavior always derails it. I have never missed a final deadline, but ever since I started this book I have missed every single short-term personal deadline. I need to  make my list, check it twice, and actually FOLLOW THE RULES I MADE FOR MYSELF.

Because I need my book to be done and I need to graduate in June. Plain and simple. I need to start my life up again. Not that I haven't enjoyed grad school (I love it!), but I've been a full-time, unemployed student. I want to teach for a living, not work in customer service or a call center. I want to get started on making a career for myself again. SO! When I list the steps I need to take to finish my semester at Seton Hill successfully, I need to sacrifice my time-wasters and get cracking.

In the meantime, it says that the year of the Water Snake could be prosperous for a Boar (I learned a while back that I'm a Water Boar) as long as I network and keep an active social/business life. Kind of what I'm learning in class right now, isn't that funny? I'm taking the "Writing About Popular Fiction" class with Nicole Peeler and at the moment, we're learning about forging our writer identity, how to present that through social networking and media, and finding ways to make contacts and promote ourselves and our work.  Maybe I'll be able to use the skills I develop from the course to somehow make my Chinese New Year prediction come true.

If you want good luck, you have to make it, you know? :)

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