03 April 2013

Jennifer Loring is Awesome

Jenn's story "In Remembrance" is featured in this
Check it out here!
Hooray for signal boosts!

If you've hopped over to my Authors tab on this website, you might've seen me mention Jennifer Loring along with some other great authors like Tim Waggoner, Anne Harris, and Scott Johnson.

Jenn and I met through Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program, and she was assigned to be my crit partner my second term at school. She's the only person who's seen my work from the beginning to its near end, and her helpful advice has shaped my book into something better than I ever could've hoped it to be. She's also taught me many important things about writing fiction as well (especially since I came to the program with playwriting experience and nothing else).

Anyway, here's a shout-out and congratulations to Jenn for having her short story "In Remembrance"  (a  sweet take on zombies) featured in the Tales of Obscenity anthology.

And I'd like to point out, if you click on the pic to maximize the size of the image, Jenn's name is the first you see on the list of fiction authors. I'd call that top billing, wouldn't you? So awesome!

To get the anthology, go here. To read Jenn's take on the anthology, read her post about it, and to keep up with Jenn's great works, follow her blog and reach out to her on Twitter.

Congrats, Jenn!


  1. Yay! Thank you for this awesome post! I'm really excited about this story, mainly because it's disgusting (in a good way, of course!) and I wasn't sure I could sell it anywhere. :P

    By the way...one of my readers has passed my thesis. Still waiting on Tim, but I couldn't have done it without you!

  2. I'm so glad you liked my shout-out! Looking forward to reading your story.

    And congratulations on getting thesis approval from your first reader!
    I really enjoyed reading your thesis and I'm so glad we've been able to help each other out.


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