29 May 2013

Brought to you by the color blue.

Photo (cc) by D. Sharon Pruitt
I don't have a lot of things to post at the moment because I'm trying to finish up Colossalcon stuff, as well as getting to finish reading the books I promised I'd review on Goodreads. But I'm sick and tired of looking at the same old post I've had up for almost two weeks now...

So here are some Colossalcon updates: 

1... I'm doing custom artwork for the Writer Toolkits my panel attendees will receive. Here's the first bit of art, the amazing Alucard from the anime Hellsing Ultimate, who's my representative for the horror genre for Give Good Spec! This is officially my favorite digital work and I think my new personal best. Yay for improvement!

Tonight is Truly a Beautiful Night
by Kristina Elyse Butke (cc) 2013
2... I still have a lot of sewing to do for my Gankutsuou cosplay (nothing is done yet) but I thought I'd do a costume and makeup test-run so I can feel like I accomplished something in that regard. Here it is:

Lady Gankutsuou: The Countess of Monte Cristo
by Kristina Elyse Butke (c) 2013
My hand is up like that to show off the one sleeve I finished...and to hide the fact that I was too lazy to put blue makeup on my neck. It looks white, doesn't it? I used Ben Nye's "Blue Spirit" but it seems to wash out under bright lights. Oh well! I'm pretty pleased, but I instantaneously sweat to death when I put on the wig and the coat. I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep cool somehow!


And other news, not Colossalcon-related...

Anime Watchlist: I'm working through Darker than Black at the moment, after finishing Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate (episodes 1-8 are in English, the final episodes 9 & 10 haven't been released yet, so I've been left hanging! AGGH!). I also completed Kamisama Dolls, which is another series that just "ends" because its second season didn't get picked up or whatever. So...permanently left hanging with that show, too. Grrr. I hate it when I get engrossed in a show that doesn't resolve its storyline properly, blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, and I also was bored one night and checked out a couple episodes of Death Note, which I like so far but I won't let myself continue until I finish Darker than Black

The BOOK! I am definitely still cleaning up the book. And, as a special bonus as a graduating student, I've been given the option to pitch The Name and the Key to Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary Agency at residency in June. I'm super-terrified about it but I hope something good will come from the experience.

I'm busy, busy, busy but I hope to update again soon with something a little more substantial. Nighty night, folks!

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