16 May 2013

How 'bout a quickie?

(cc) by Robert van der Steeg
I just properly looked at a calendar for the first time in a few weeks and realized I don't have as much time to work on things as I'd like.

Family and friends are waiting for a copy of my manuscript to read and I'm still going through it and correcting the mistakes I discovered after submitting it to my mentors. If they were small issues, I'd let them slide, but they're not, so I've got to clean it up.

Friday I have ten pages due for residency for workshops. Because I'm graduating, it's optional for me to submit, but I want to--it'll be the last time I have eyes on my work at SHU. Problem is, I don't have anything to submit. So I need to write something FAST in order to get it turned in the end of this week.
Looking good, but so much work to do still!
Photo from my Twitter stream

It's also three weeks until Colossalcon. I'm making progress on my cosplay, but I'm not sewing fast enough.

Probably what should concern me more is the fact that I don't have any of the writing toolkits put together for my panels yet. Those are very time-consuming to make but for some reason the cosplay is my priority at the moment and I'm "la la la" about everything else. I have to finish decorating the coat, make the cravat, and then sew lining into my cape (which I don't know how to do, exactly).  Blehh!

I'm behind on Deviantart again. I owe contest art to people still, plus requests...and I'm back to being 10,000 messages behind.

And probably the most important thing I need to do above all else: continue writing The Step and the Walk.

The list goes ever on and on....

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