02 May 2013

The Name and the Key

Lily and Andresh: Butterfly Touch
by Valsharea (c) 2013
I'm pleased to announce that my first novel, The Name and the Key, has been completed and submitted for approval as my graduate thesis at Seton Hill University. The book clocks in at 83,263 words with a grand total of 386 pages.

About the story

When Lily Camlo discovers her mother's body in the marshes, she violates the ancestral taboos of the dead, enabling a horrific curse that follows her through mirror and glass. Six years later, Lily reunites with her childhood friend Andresh, a powerful magician in his own right. He may hold the key to breaking the curse, but his own secrets may destroy them both first.

About the genre 

The book is dark fantasy, a genre that blends elements of the fantastic with elements of the horrific. It is a genre that seeks to promote specific emotional reactions from its readers: the sense of wonder, and the sense of terror. As a sub-genre of fantasy, it must dwell in a realm of impossibility, where things that cannot happen in our world are fair game in a fantastical one. In dark fantasy, however, there is the additional requirement of taking a reader to hidden places that may frighten them, disturb them, and challenge them

I write dark fantasy that takes its influence from fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, for which I've had a lifelong adoration. My stories are character-driven with an emphasis on personal relationships and self-discovery; often the personal journey will be the recognition or reconciliation of the darker, hidden aspects of the self. Horror and the supernatural; magic and religion; love, sex, violence, and fear--nothing is off limits. And yet darkness is nothing without light--the further into the shadows we go, rest assured that there will be some light at the end of the journey.

 About the author

KRISTINA ELYSE BUTKE was born in Flushing, Queens but grew up in Ohio, where she still resides. She started writing for the theater at an early age, and made the transition to fiction as a student at Seton Hill University, where in June she will have completed a Master of Fine Arts in their renowned Writing Popular Fiction program. This is her first novel.  

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