27 June 2013

Hello from SHU!

(c) Seton Hill University
I thought I'd take a brief moment to let you guys know that I'm in Pennsylvania right now, on campus at Seton Hill University in the computer lab!

First day of classes here and everything is good so far. I woke up at 5:30am for some unholy reason, but that meant I had plenty of time to get ready for classes and do homework that I hadn't completed yet.

Probably the most helpful thing I picked up from today's modules is my practice pitch. I got up in front of the classroom and winged what I'd say to a prospective agent and the class seemed very interested in my book, The Name and the Key. I was very encouraged by my classmates and friends, especially since I will be pitching my book to agent Suzie Townsend of the New Leaf Literary Agency. If I do what I did in class today, I think I'll have a positive experience.

In other news, we got our Seton Hill graduating class yearbooks today. They look ridiculously awesome!

My project for the graduating class is our student programs. Seton Hill publishes an official commencement program that communicates the bare bones about the graduating students--our names, the name of our theses, etc.

I made this year's student graduation programs! (c) KEB
The student program goes into a little bit more detail about us. I collected headshots, small biographies, and then had everyone write me a biography of their thesis project. The booklet's like 12 pages long, and unfortunately I worked on it up until the last minute...my poor family had to do all of the work for me, assembling the programs after picking it up from Office Max.

On the plus side, here's a photo of the covers. I tried to do an art-nouveau theme (if you notice, the font is the same one from American Horror Story, tee hee!) that I hope looks elegant and funky.
Meanwhile, I'm killing time in the computer lab until I leave at 5:00pm to listen to my friend Sami read from her thesis, Married to the Wind. 

I know I owe this website SO MANY updates...hopefully when I'm done with school I'll have a chance to get to the fun stuff, like my super-late review of Colossalcon!

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