17 June 2013

This website is pretending to be me. Help!!!!!

Image (cc) Wikimedia Commons
I must be really climbing the ladder of success if I'm already having people try to impersonate me online.

I do try to keep tabs on my name and my visibility on the web, so imagine my surprise when I Googled my name and came across a ridiculous-sounding website called 

"Kristina Elyse Buttrueke." 

That part doesn't bother me, because obviously it isn't me.

What pisses me off is that the website claims to be "the official website of fantasy author Kristina Elyse Butke" and the person who set it up used my post tags and labels to generate content that could plausibly pass for topics I would write about.

They even use tags for the names of my novels!! Here are some photos of the offending site, with my comments added in red. Click the pics to read:

The site is powered by Wordpress but because it's a registered domain I would have to contact the owner of the website to complain. Worpress doesn't actually deal with content anyway; they're just hosts so that can't do anything.

Of course, the owner of the website has not published his or her info for them to be contacted.

Also, they have disable comments, which also prevents me from contacting them and complaining. 

What truly sucks about this is now that I know people are impersonating me, I am now FORCED to join more social media platforms than I'd like to in order to PROTECT MY IDENTITY.  That means I'm going to have to be on motherfapping Facebook again. 

Puke puke puke puke. 

Has this every happened to any of you before? Do you have any helpful suggestions for me? What should I do? 

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