16 June 2013

Wie spät ist es?

Photo (cc) by Snuf75x
I'm a little time-scrambled ever since Colossalcon, and things are a little off-kilter as I try to catch up on all the things I've fallen behind on since finishing The Name and the Key. 

Right after my book was due, all of my final papers were due. Then I tried to get ready for Colossalcon in addition to helping out at my cousin's wedding, doing projects for family, and hand-sewing my cosplay.

I feel like I haven't had a real break since April, and I knew June would be a very rough month. We're halfway through it and I'm burned out again!

In TEN DAYS I'll be at my last residency at Seton Hill. In FIFTEEN DAYS I'll have my MFA degree in hand, and then I'll drive to Maryland to visit my sister and her fiance for a few days. Busy, busy, busy!

Here's all the stuff I have to do:

  • Write Colossalcon post (trust me, these posts take me forever to do!)
  • Finish "voice actor" book post
  • Do contest art on DA that I've owed since April
  • Email Writer Toolkits to all the panel attendees at Colossalcon who signed up for them
  • Finish cleaning up my book (mostly editing but one new chapter)
  • Burn it to disc and submit as formal thesis
  • Critique six manuscripts for school
  • Pitch my book to New Leaf Literary Agency
  • Prepare my costume for the Princess Bride Ball at school
  • Finish composing song for animation project
  • Get mentor presents and farewell cards
  • Finish graduation ceremony student programs
  • Respond to all the direct messages I got on dA (like six of them)
  • Follow-up with artists who owe me commissions 
  • Continue storyboarding Son of the Siren
  • Continue writing The Step and the Walk
  • Finish updating this website
  • Review Michael Montoure's book Counting From Ten --I got a free copy and I owe him a review
  • Review Jeannie Lin's The Sword Dancer --I won this from Goodreads and I owe them a review 
I don't know how long all of this will take me, but it definitely seems like I need to get the majority of it done in ten days, which is insanity. 

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for fun updates!

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