11 July 2013

And thus ends one of the busiest pockets of time.

Huzzah! I've graduated!
I knew June would be insane...particularly June going into July. But I had no idea how crazy it could get!

Here's what happened:

Colossalcon smashed into Seton Hill, which smashed into residency and graduation, which smashed into a small vacation with family in Maryland. I only just got back yesterday and slept from 6pm to 9am.

I had a great time doing everything, but I feel like I've not had a genuine break since the last week of May, and to be honest, I've done a sucky job of updating this website in the meantime. I'm behind, and I mean REALLY behind, on many posts.

But for the sake of sharing something different (beyond the multiple admissions re: lateness), I'd like to announce that I have my Master in Fine Arts now, and am crazy-happy about it.

Apparently I couldn't keep a straight face during the graduation ceremony and made the same goofy, ecstatic expression over and over again in almost all of my pictures (like the one of me walking up the aisle at the start of commencement).

Let this tide you over until I get caught up on everything. Hope you're all having a good summer so far!

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