15 October 2013

It's October, but it feels like....


Even though the leaves are changing, we still have temperatures in the late 60s and 70s, and lovely, sunny weather.

And it seems I've also decided to do some spring cleaning. At least, a major organization overhaul. I've been going through my desk and tossing out old office supplies, while installing new organizer compartments to hold the things I still want to use.

I've gone crazy with making lists so I don't forget anything and to do the work in proper order. Which means I'm aware that this website, as well as Writerlicious, is in a sore need of a proper update. I also have six projects on deviantART not related to my comic that I need to work on. My TEFL online classes expire in a month, so I need to hop to it. And I can't keep forgetting that even though I have graduated from Seton Hill, I am actually still enrolled in one course (Grammar Essentials for Fiction Writers) with quizzes and assignments due before every Friday.

The JET Program has finally posted its application for 2014, and everything is due November 26th, so I'll REALLY have to hustle on this. It's a lot of paperwork to go through and I once again have to find people for recommendations. There's also a health assessment you have to take if you have a history of certain types of diagnoses. I was hoping to not be a total fat ass for the assessment, but seeing as how I fell off the wagon with bad behaviors right after I graduated means I have undone, again, a lot of the good choices I made for myself.

Normally I'd find a way to work through everything, even it was up to the last minute, but now that I have a job (part-time and minimum wage, *tears*) I don't have much time to work with like I used to, so I have to take advantage of lists and schedules to try and get everything done while I'm working

Now take all of the above and add on to the list that I'm still trying to be a published author. I'm postponing query letters and the second book just because I'm sick of it, which is really not a good idea...I should be doing something about it at least, but I'm still like "la la la, I'm busy."

Yet I always find that once I go through and de-clutter things, my brain feels shiny and new, and I feel more motivated to take on my responsibilities. It's like a reset, you know?

Here's hoping I make all my deadlines and time-budgeting work!

I'll keep you posted, and I hope with something legitimately exciting next time.

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