14 April 2014

Magical Milestone!

I am in total shock.

Several months ago, I downloaded an amazing app called Flipboard and used it to compile all of my social media subscriptions, as well as articles from my favorite blogs, together in one single service.

Shortly after that, when I realized I could create and compile my own magazine, I decided to put together Writerlicious, a mag devoted to helping out writers of any skill with any goal.

For the longest time, I had about 25-31 subscribers, but I kept plugging away and continued to add articles to the magazine.

Then about a week ago, the number of readers skyrocketed.

Writerlicious has over 28,000 subscribers!

Thank you to everyone who reads and supports this Flipboard magazine!

For those of you who do not have a tablet or smart phone, it's a-ok. You can read Writerlicious online here, for free!

Once again, thank you to all of my readers, old and new, and please spread the word--we're all about writers helping other writers!

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