27 February 2015

Publishing news: My poetry will be in First Class Literary Magazine!

 Photo (c) Florian Klauer

Wonderful news!

I've got another haiku that's going to be published!

I've written about my love of haiku before, and as far as poetry goes, it's my favorite form in which to write. (If you'd like to get a taste for my poetry, head over to ExFic.)

My next published haiku will find its home at First Class Literary Magazine, and I am elated. 

It's another multi-stanza haiku; this one takes inspiration from Mary Shelley and is titled "Victor Stitches." It's also going to be a bit of an art project, which will be fun. 

I will keep you updated about the publication date as soon as I learn the details. 

Thanks everyone for your support!

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