08 March 2015

Shout-out to "The Boyfriend Project"...for shouting out to me!

Coming soon!
I am friends with some of the most creative people ever and I'm happy I played a part in an up-and-coming comedy webseries, The Boyfriend Project. (Tip of the hat to Nate Zoebl, co-creator and episode writer, and Eric Muller, who is also an episode writer and actor in the series).

My contribution: a very kitschy book cover which will debut in Episode 12.

I was honored to even be asked to contribute. I never made a book jacket before and didn't know my way around Photoshop for the life of me,  and after some research on book jacket sizing and design, I crossed my fingers and hoped something would work.

I like to make digital art when I can, but to be honest, I don't really know what I'm doing most of the time. I have a tendency to sit and click buttons and make a lot of mistakes before I pump something out. I also collect (maybe horde) royalty-free stock images, which helps when I can't draw what I see in my head. 

But I must be doing something right, because I'm a part of this awesome show! (And I have an IMDB credit, too, as a prop designer. Ooh la la! I'm climbing up!).

Anyway, thank you to The Boyfriend Project for picking me for today's "Get to know the cast/crew." 

Expect further signal boosts for this series, friends!

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