25 June 2015

I lost my original design files & have to tweak the site now. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

FINAL update (The next morning after original post): I wasn't very happy with the script choices Blogger had to offer so I hopped into Photoshop to make a quick transparent png of my name. I was also sick of my "Author, Playwright, Composer" description I'd given myself, and wanted something new, so I came up with this title: "Purveyor of the Literary Fantastic." This is happily ambiguous because it allows me to let you know I'm a writer, but doesn't limit me to form (plays, fiction, etc.) and suggests I write fantasy, yes, but in general, things of a fantastical nature. (Horror can be fantastical, too.) I hope I will sit on my hands and calm down enough with my design to let this exist as-is for a good, long while. I made extra-certain to backup my files this time, physically and in the cloud. Woo!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

And now I must give credit where credit is due:

My header image is comprised of various elements that are all licensed, royalty-free images purchased through the proper channels. Specifically:


Update: (about 1 hr 30 min after original post): This is how I've changed this since losing everything (and I'm not happy with the cursive options Blogger offers...may change this again):


What originally happened:

I was tired of looking at a low-res version of a photo I tweaked to serve as the header background for this website...

Screenshot I took in 2014.

So I tried to find the original high-res version I purchased from Bigstock and add it again. Which made the header of this  blog look like this:

Screenshot at the moment of posting

While I like that the image is higher-quality, the colors are too dark for the logo of my name I made in MAKR (their iPad app. I no longer have an iPad, sigh). Also, it looks like I added some sort of bokeh/glitter texture to the original Bigstock file which also changed the colors. 

I've tried locating the original web files in Picasa Web, and while I found something close to the original (black frames and bokeh and everything!) once I added it, the alignment of everything went out of whack. Which means, I don't actually have any of the originals I made from over a year ago. 

This is a big bummer, because I am unable to revert to the original image after loading a new one. The color of the fonts, the layout, and color schemes are all crazy now.. 

I don't have the original sized MAKR logo file, either, and when I tried to edit it in Photoshop with a new color, the resolution was pretty bad. 

So, due to my own craziness of not having the original files (if you remember, my PC died in the fall and while I spent hours burning cds and loading up flash drives, I lost many things), I may have to very spontaneously revamp my site and related sites' artwork. 

Basically, my logo/script isn't getting along with my background, and I've already been working on this since about 5pm trying to fix things. 

...I suppose this means stay tuned for something completely new. 

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