05 June 2015

My Convention Status...and life status

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TONIGHT marks the beginning of Colossalcon! Wahoo!

I've been a panelist regularly since 2012, teaching con attendees all about writing and publishing. I even had two panels approved for this year (one of them completely new, about writing comics)...

...And I'm not going.

I'm very sad about it.

The thing is, I've learned the hard way that adjuncting provides zero job stability and poverty-like wages. Since spring 2015, I've had classes cut at the last minute for a variety of reasons, and the huge drop in funds has had me scrambling like mad for a while now to find additional work. 

I was lucky to secure an additional job not long after my classes were cut this spring, but it's seasonal. I'm officially, completely unemployed at the end of this month.

So, no Colossalcon.

I purchased my VIP ticket the year before, back when I had money; but even with a prepaid ticket to the con, I couldn't afford to stay at the cheapest motel at the town just outside Sandusky. I transferred my ticket to another con-goer (someone who never had the VIP experience before, so that makes me happy!), and let Colossalcon know the first of April that I could no longer attend.

During this convention weekend, I'll be working some of the final shifts of my other part-time job. I'll also continue to look for more work (and I counted--I've applied for 49 different positions so far, in practically every field).

If you were curious as to why I've been mum about Colossalcon, this is why. Job-hunting and my seasonal job have consumed my free time. I've not updated this blog, or have even done much creative writing, because of this.

I hope the situation changes soon.

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