10 July 2015

It's official: I'm presenting at Matsuricon!

Logo (c) 2015 by Matsuricon. Source.
I'm pretty excited! I'll be a first-time presenter and first-time attendee for this year's Matsuricon, a Japanese pop-culture convention in Columbus, Ohio. I submitted a few panels to Matsuricon for their perusal, so the only thing I know for certain right now is that Fanfic into Fiction has been selected! My Bad Artist's Guide to Good Comics was rejected, and I'm actually very, very okay with that. It is my only presentation that relies heavily on visual aids (read: laptop) and since I'm having technology issues (read: laptop) it works out really well that I won't be presenting it--indeed, I was considering pulling it altogether anyway. Meanwhile, I'm awaiting the fate of one last submission, so I'm keeping mum until I know for certain what's what, but I'm happy to be bringing one of my most popular panels ever to Matsuricon.

I hope to build a little home with this new convention. I was a longtime resident of downtown Columbus and adore any excuse to come back, so Matsuricon's location makes me really happy. Given the amount of times I attended Ohayocon, which takes place in the same location, I know the convention area really well. So while Matsuricon is new to me, I won't be flying in completely blind.

The guest list looks amazing; the convention regularly donates to charity; and their VIP experience includes an actual social event with the guests! I also like that while Matsuricon is at the Hyatt Regency and Columbus Convention Center, it looks like their convention attendance rate is a little more manageable than what's popped up at Ohayocon. I don't think I'll get as claustrophobic as I have at other events in the past, which is nice. 

At the moment, I'm trying to work out the logistics of housing and the funding situation. I'm also not at my physically fittest, so I'm debating whether or not to cosplay at this one (there's not a lot of time left to decide!). In the meantime, I'll keep you posted with more details as I learn them.

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