14 August 2015

Come see me at Matsuricon!

Original banner (c) Matsuricon. 

Fanfic into Fiction! 2pm, Saturday, August 15th!

Pod 122/Rm 19 @Greater Columbus Convention Center

Program description:

Fanfic into Fiction – Rated T (for ages 13 + up)

Fandoms are awesome, and the publishing industry is taking notice. Fanfic gets to the heart of what readers want, which is the key to successful fiction. With this crash-course in writing, you’ll learn what it takes to make your fanfic rise above the rest, and grow your skills to become a published author!
My presentation, Fanfic into Fiction, is a creative writing and appreciation panel of fan fiction. It's also a little bit like a lecture module, because I devote segments to providing a general understanding of fair use and copyright; developing writing skills from creating derivative works; and moving beyond fan fiction into writing for publication and general audiences.

I'll be offering it on Saturday, August 15th, at 2pm in the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Matsuricon website has a link to the maps for the convention, as it's spread out between three locations this year: The Crowne Plazathe Hyatt Regency, and the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Here's a copy of the map I lovingly defaced so you can find me:

Original map by Matsuricon and the GCC. 

For the rest of the Matsuricon schedule,  click here.


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