11 September 2015

College is Back in Session...

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...and I've fallen behind on a lot of things--posting on my websites and social media; writing my Matsuricon review; and working on all of my writing projects (including a book I hoped to release on September 30th...not sure if that will work out now...).

I'm teaching 3 lectures and 2 labs for this semester at North Central State College. I've been an adjunct with the English department since January 2014. While I'm not quite the innocent babe I was in 2014, I'm still pretty new to teaching overall, and one of the issues I always have is with time management.

Every time the term begins I have to re-assess how I attempt to balance teaching, writing, and my personal life. Well, personal life has been a bit nonexistent for a while, so it's mostly me trying to figure out how to keep on with the writing lifestyle while I'm grading the work of over 50 students this term. It's been a while since I had that many and I've already discovered I have to adjust my grading methods yet again (if I keep grading how I've done it in the past, students will never see their papers!). But it's better I realize this three weeks into it before things get really stressful and assignments get much more complicated.

I have a couple things on my mind project-wise that I may have to reconsider...in the meantime, I hope to get my Matsuricon review up soon (I had a BLAST). You can also expect more Elite Book promos forthcoming as well.

Thank you all for your patience with me!

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