03 December 2015

"Writerlicious" is part of the "Gift of Flipboard" Holiday Campaign!

"Writerlicious" made Gift of Flipboard!
Gaby Schwarz, one of the news editors for Flipboard, contacted me just before Thanksgiving with some awesome news--my curated magazine, "Writerlicious," has been included in the holiday campaign, "Gift of Flipboard," as part of the Creatives gift. As she describes it,
Flipboard’s editorial team has preconfigured 21 special packages, for Travelers to Tech Enthusiasts. Anyone can “gift” these packages to friends or family to get them started on Flipboard with pre-loaded sections that make Flipboard instantly more useful. Each preconfigured package has about 25 sources to get people started with content that fits their interests. So anyone who receives that gift will automatically be following your Flipboard Magazine. We will be celebrating all of the selected curators and their magazines on social media and in our blog in the coming days and weeks.

Give the Gift of Flipboard to:

Foodies: http://flip.it/6mGQS
Travelers: http://flip.it/eWRqo
Photographers: http://flip.it/Ey3p_
Creatives: http://flip.it/V317T
News Hounds: http://flip.it/kyM12
Tech Enthusiasts: http://flip.it/hYspT
Entrepreneurs: http://flip.it/VoOc2
Sports Nuts: http://flip.it/lbsNL
Political Junkies: http://flip.it/ud5ys
TV & Movie Buffs: http://flip.it/UorJX
Celeb Watchers: http://flip.it/Pdd_w
Trendsetters: http://flip.it/8ztXi
Gamers: http://flip.it/gRxtO
Music Fans: http://flip.it/EL28F
Love to LOL: http://flip.it/ulF5M
Voracious Readers: http://flip.it/yoqII
Makers: http://flip.it/4I.wg
Self-Improvers: http://flip.it/WrQq-
Educators: http://flip.it/69G3H
Marketers & Bloggers: http://flip.it/.CSnV
Parents: http://flip.it/7pE.A 
Check out this landing page to see all the gifts: http://flip.it/FlipGift.
Pretty nifty!

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