05 March 2019

tumble on tuesdays - no.1

Original photo by Nick Morrison via Unsplash

This blog series comes from a special Ask Game for writers on Tumblr from author R. Meisel. Every Tuesday I’ll answer a question from the list – likewise, please share your answers in the comments! 


No. 1 - Favorite Place to Write - My Writing Desk  

I was never the type of person who could write in public or open spaces. People, animals, and scenery distract me easily! I've always had a writing desk (read: sanctuary) in my home that contains my PC, printer, and Wacom tablet; then AAAALLLLLL the office supplies, and the notebooks, binders, loose papers and folders of my notes and research printouts; and lastly, motivational goodies to remind me that I am a writer who can write. Yay!

In America, this writing nook came into being when I was eight or nine years old (circa 1991? 1992?) when Mom got me a nice wooden study desk for my bedroom. I think it was for my birthday, because, being a twin, my brother got one too. Grandpa built them for us, and I have used the same desk ever since. Over the years I would write my signature somewhere inside the pull-out drawer or under the tabletop with a "Kristina was here" or something similar just to chronicle how long I kept the thing. Oh, how my handwriting has evolved!

The desk is pretty small. It's enough to fit a monitor and a tower, and a skinny desk lamp, and that's it. I should probably get rid of it for something with more room, but I feel committed to the thing. It's become my writing heirloom, you know? I don't know if fame or success is in the stars for me, but I like to imagine sometimes that my little wooden desk from the early 90s will be on display somewhere with a plaque commemorating its importance to my writing.

My current writing sanctuary
in my apartment in Kumamoto prefecture.
In Japan, where I've lived since 2016, I had to start from scratch. Bringing things over from the US was going to be めんどくさい (!) so I got a laptop right before leaving, then bought everything else brand new here - printer, artist tablet, office goodies, folders, notebooks, laminator, etc. 

My setup here is so much cooler than back home in America! My desk is a fantastic size, and it has this industrial, modern look to it with its white metal and light blue plate glass. My desk lamp, mouse pad, and mouse all look like they're from the future, too. Plus, Daiso is the most amazing store ever, and that's where I got the majority of my office supplies and decorative knick knacks. I also have extra-special handmade works I got through Etsy (wooden "Writer at Work" sign; paper roses made from the pages of books I love), various Writing Maps, artwork of my character Andresh from The Name and the Key, and photographs of some of my favorite author friends from graduate school. I also have little touches of Japanese culture from shrines for good luck and prosperity (a giant gold daruma doll for wealth, and the boar from Sumiyoshi Shrine for good fortune). 

The problem is, I made my Japanese writing nook - officially my favorite place - much, much better than my American one. I expect I have 2 years and 4 months left of work as an assistant language teacher here, and then I have to return to the US (unless something crazy happens to make me stay, like finding a handsome おじさん to marry), and I won't be able to bring most of this home with me. *Sighs* I will definitely have to ship some of it back because of the uniqueness of the items (and hey, they spark joy!) but I'll be sad kissing the furniture goodbye, that's for certain. 


Readers, what's your favorite place to write?