03 June 2019

Head *exploooooooodes!*

お久しぶりです!It's been a while. Months ago I devised some sort of themed posting schedule to prompt writing on this site regularly, and that went up in flames. It's my usual excuses, and then some.

The bad things keeping me away: poor time management skills, feeling lazy or tired from work, and sometimes feeling like keeping up a personal website is a chore and therefore I'm less motivated to work on it. I also keep getting sick. Getting sick = staying at home, turning brain off, + Netflix.

The good things keeping me away: planning out a new book, s l o o w l y drafting it, doing big projects and events like Anime Japan, and writing and editing for Speculative Chic! I also rejoined Twitter to connect with people for writing articles (that part's good; getting on Twitter daily to goof off, not so much). I've also upped the ante on studying my Japanese because August 1 will be my third-year anniversary living here and my language skills are still sh*t. Topping that off, I just got tapped to do a significant new project-- one of my high schools has developed a global program and I have been tasked with designing a EFL drama curriculum from the ground up. If I leave any legacy behind me in Japan, this will be it.  

I'm going to try harder to add newer content here, but much of it will also be linking to articles I've written for Speculative Chic, because that's my new(ish) baby (I recently had my one-year anniversary with them as an editor, yay!). Most of my new writing and (therefore brainpower) goes to them. And I don't mind, because I'm so happy they're letting me work with them. I have a blast!

In the meantime, here's some stuff if you want to keep up with me:

Meanwhile, fingers crossed as I continue to figure out structuring my time to keep this baby here exciting. Thanks for staying with me all this time!

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