23 January 2020

Trying to Serve Two Masters

Acknowledging for the billionth time, I have let my personal site fall by the wayside, and I'm so embarrassed about this. For a very long period, I had trouble making the effort to post frequently, either due to real-life obligations taking up my concentration, or good old-fashioned laziness kicking in.

The good news is that in 2019 and so far into 2020, my writing has kicked up considerably! But...not here. I've been busy editing and writing for Speculative Chic!

When I joined the team in the spring of 2018, I came on solely as a content editor, tackling articles that, while under the umbrella of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, couldn't be classified as TV, movies, or books. This meant I edited articles covering anything from podcasts to conventions and random stuff in between. Later we did some reshuffling and instead of editing articles by topic, I was assigned specific authors to work with. Now, I'm working with five writers, with three of them submitting articles monthly or more frequently.

I have never been an editor for a publication before, with regular deadlines, clear-cut duties, and working with talented authors. While I worked as a proofreader for a handful of episodes of Skip Beat! and briefly on a game demo, I consider Speculative Chic my initiation into the big leagues as a legitimate editor (while occasionally writing my own articles!).

I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and have continually learned so much about the professional world of writing and editing. I admire everyone I've worked with and am so impressed with our writers, too (many of them have published genre bestsellers and have won prestigious awards). Our stellar list of contributors, ever-growing, can be found here.

In 2019 I was pleased to take the helm of managing two regular columns in addition to my editing duties. I handle the Weekly Roundup, our summary of all the articles we've posted for the week. This is a substantial change in my writing routine, to produce new content every week. Whew! I also helm our monthly Roundtables, coming up with topics and herding our writers' opinions -- and I often contribute to them myself. I've also participated in our Resolution Projects, where contributors make a goal related to the speculative genre and writing reviews or feedback on it, whether it's reading certain works or authors, knocking through a TV series, revisiting a film franchise, and more. And next month I'll actually be hosting the Speculative Chic Book Club, where I'll lead the discussion of Jeremy C. Shipp's The Atrocities.

At the time of writing this post, I have written 53 articles for Speculative Chic since joining. I have participated in more articles without authoring them directly, but I'm not sure how many. In comparison, for this site and in the same timeframe, I've written...8. Yikes.

I very much want to get back into the groove of writing on here. I flirted briefly with the creation of a regular series, Tumble on Tuesdays, but then...Tumblr keeps emptying out, and I admit I don't get on so much, so I'm wondering if that's even a thing to pursue. I'm just not sure.

For now, I think I'll be doing posts based on writing prompts just to get back into the swing of things, and eventually I hope to have updates on actual publications of mine and my process of writing novels. If you're looking for book or convention or film reviews, I'm probably going to give those to Speculative Chic since that's more of what we do!

Over the next couple of days I'm going to do posts linking to my work at Speculative Chic to catch you up on what I've been writing, and will link to my upcoming articles in future posts here. Hooray for cross-promotion!

If you're still on this journey with me, I thank you so much for reading and for your support.

Happy 2020!

Clock image by Icons8 Team and fountain pen image by Art Losovsky, courtesy of Unsplash.

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