25 August 2020

#52writing cards: Prompts from Shaun Levin's Writing Maps - no. 13

A version of this prompt appears on the Description Writing Map illustrated by Ricky Butler.

Pandemic List - Doing, Seeing, Experiencing, Witnessing

1. Having lots of nightmares involving dying or freaky supernatural stuff

2. Eating more ice cream

3. Taking an unhealthy amount of naps

4. Cycling through spells of oversleeping and total insomnia

5. Reading more online manwha (Korean comics)

6. Overthinking about the future

7. Feeling a generalized severe anxiety 

8. Working on Son of the Siren very sporadically

9. Watching horror movies

10. Cleaning, but not actually getting cleaning done -- more like shifting piles around or shoving things in bags and boxes in my closets

11. Using Facebook to complain

12. Using Facebook to post pretty nature pictures from Japan

13. Gaining weight

14. Feeling unnaturally exhausted at work

15. Reading more romantic stories (mostly through webcomics)

16. Eating lots of rice

17. Drinking way too much soda

18. Having difficulty with my city's 12+ category trash disposal/mandatory recycling system, which is the reason why my apartment isn't actually clean

19. Feeling self-doubt and second-guessing everything

20. Stopping all travel, even locally within my city

21. Being unable to read anything due to lack of concentration

22. Wanting to draw pictures and comics but finding no motivation to do so

23. Missing my family and friends that I haven't seen since 2016 because I live in Japan

24. Missing my family that were able to visit me but I still haven't seen in over a year

25. Wishing I could see an English-speaking therapist

26. Getting psychiatric medicines changed and dosages adjusted

27. Missing cosplaying but simultaneously not motivated to put any costumes on -- even with Halloween coming up

28. Seat-warming at school

29. Not adjusting to changes with my teaching schedule and visiting school schedule very well

30. Likewise not adjusting to my new teaching role very well

31. Painting my fingernails with gold sparkly nailpolish

32. Finding that underneath my mask I tend to leave my mouth open and drool accidentally

33. Feeling guilty about not washing hands more often and accidentally touching my mask and face

34. Going back and forth between eating too much and too little

35. Occasionally treating myself to conveyor belt sushi even though I shouldn't

36. Missing going outside

37. Missing going to shrines and getting red stamps...I'm not going to be able to fill the rest of my books

38.  Finished rehabilitation of my knee injuries...

39. ...But finding that they are still very weak and not much has improved except for lack of pain

40.  Wanting to get bangs very badly even though I have really curly hair and everyone says it's a bad idea

41. Realizing that despite being an introvert, social isolation has been much harder on me than expected

42. Realizing that the more things you decline to go to, the less chance you'll be invited ever again, although during a pandemic, I guess that's ok

43. Being irrationally scared of natural disasters 

44. Cataloging all of the books I own in Japan through LibBib

45. Entering the ISBNs of all the Japanese manga I own into Amazon Japan to buy the electronic versions so I don't have to ship all of them back to the states with me

46. Punching myself for my insistence on buying books that I can't keep since I'm returning to America in 2021

47. Doubting my decision to return to America in 2021

48. Terrified of returning to America in 2021

49. Avoiding the news because it makes me angry, want to cry, and feel hopeless

50. Missing deli turkey...they don't have that here. Actually, any turkey. 

51. Going through all the cosplay I bought or made in Japan and sorting which items to keep and which items to toss

52. Getting weepy a lot

53. Dealing with a long-lasting depressive episode in my fun bipolar cycle

54. Revealing too much personal information on the internet in terms of how I feel

55. Collecting things impulsively like anime figurines and acrylic pieces...I never collected these in the USA and never understood the appeal, and suddenly when I got to Japan, a giant switch flipped! I own four collectible figures... WHAT?!?! 

56. Praying much more than I have in years

57. Missing chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

58.  Making s'mores without graham crackers since I can't find any here...I used plain digestive cookies from the UK and they are a good substitute!

59. Switching from my skinny jeans to my fat jeans

60. Not being able to wear makeup anymore because wearing it under a mask dirties the mask

61. Getting mask acne (macne?)

62. Reading tons of BL manga (yaoi wowie!)

63.  Trying to fix The Name and the Key even though I'm working on Son of the Siren

64. Falling behind on my own website

65. When I'm sad, watching feel-good movies like Eurovision; The Story of Fire Saga

66. Likewise getting "Ja Ja Ding Dong" stuck in my head

67. Making lots of peanut butter sandwiches

68. Got commissioned art completed and it's the most beautiful thing in the world

69. Editing and contributing to Speculative Chic

70. Watching Voltron: Legendary Defender and not understanding all the hate

71. Playing lots of horror movies in the background while I work on chores

72. Finally watched Knives Out for the first time

73. Watched Doctor Sleep and loved it

74. Watched Netflix's Haunting of Hill House at least six times

75.  Played Jackbox TV games with my family via Zoom for the first time ever

76. Cut my hair myself

77. Regretted cutting my hair myself

78. Declined teaching at an English camp because I thought it would be dangerous to my health

79. Felt super guilty about declining said English camp

80. Ate something in Japan that's like a cup with smooth egg in it that's whipped but not and I have no idea what it's called so I named it "Eggie Surprise" because they hide mushrooms or pieces of crab or a bean or two in there and you don't know what you'll get until you eat some egg. I get it at conveyor belt sushi places and I love it.  I really wish I remembered what it was actually called.

81. I gave up learning Japanese. Once I decided to return to the USA, my brain shut off and said, "Stop punishing yourself for sucking at Japanese." 

82. Researched companies that ship stuff overseas for you so that way I won't have to do it myself (it stresses me out)

83. Realized my driver's license will expire while I am in Japan so when I am in America I have to get a driver's permit and take all of the tests all over again. I requested how to do it as "temporarily out of state" but with Ohio's new driver's license rules, I don't have a way of verifying Ohio residency because I've been out of America for 4+ years

84. Trying to seriously save money for the first time in my life

85. Terrified about student loans...so terrified I can't even elaborate here

86.  Debating whether or not to go traditional or self-publish, fully knowing that I'm pulling the horse before the cart

87. Missing my harp from back at home -- when I'm stressed I would play it and I couldn't bring it here with me

88. Doing a lot more things online, but not telecommuting unfortunately

89. Teaching at school as if a pandemic isn't happening. But the difference between Japan and America is that people willingly wear masks with no problem

90. Trying and giving up on sewing my own masks

91. Wondering if Americans ever got over the toilet paper crisis

92. Missing my mother's homemade cake

93. Missing the energy I used to have with frosting premade cupcakes for everyone at work

94. Cooking considerably less

95. Plucking my eyebrows myself as I've always done

96. Spending too much time researching how to throw away my own trash

97. Missing going to Fukuoka City

98. Missing going to Karatsu

99.  The past few shrines I went to, I said hi to Benzaiten

100. Discovered "pokechiki" at Family Mart and my life is forever changed

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