27 June 2020

#52writing cards: Prompts from Shaun Levin's Writing Maps - no. 10

A version of this prompt appears on the How to Turn Food into Words Writing Map illustrated by Dilly Boase.

I.  Kitchen Utensil Collective

Our owner is a terrible cook and avoids it when possible. Every time a rare meal is properly prepared, we go into battle with the cookware and appliances. The casualties are numerous. No surface goes unscathed -- oil, grease, and sauces leave their remains for the unfortunate survivors to clean up after they've long gone. Mountains of plates and pans and pots pile high in the sink -- will they be washed today, or will they be left to soak in a perpetual postponing of the inevitable? 

II. Spatula

I had dreams and ambitions once. But alas, all I'm good for is pancakes and burgers. 

III. Fork

The silverware drawer gets crowded with my siblings and me, all stacked and ready to go. Why are there 87 of us, you ask? Could it be because our precious owner doesn't wash dishes fast enough and therefore relies on our abundance to get her through to the next meal? 

IV. Rolling Pin

Alas, I am unpurchased; a well of untapped potential, locked away at the store with my brethren. 

V.  Peeler

The only world I've ever known is the backs of raw carrots. 

VI. Grater

It gets lonely in the store after dark. I wish I could be with my friend, the rolling pin, who is likewise trapped under the weight of untapped potential. 

VII. Epilogue 

Author's Note: Ok, so I am not a cook. I hate cooking and I'm bad at it. I think it's a lot of effort that goes into something where the payoff lasts just a few moments. I also hate that I've generated a large mess (can you tell I hate to do dishes?) that means nothing if the food turns out to be subpar or downright awful. 

Maybe this explains why I have a poor relationship with food, too. If the cooking and preparation is a disaster for me, I don't enjoy what I've made. In general, I don't savor food or enjoy the experience of eating. Eating is an empty square on a checklist of a million things I have to do. Food is meant to be eaten and it's something I just get over with (like a chore) in order to move on to the next task.

This is probably why I'm so unhealthy. I eat way too many prepared and frozen foods just to avoid the hassle of cooking and cleanup. 

...Oh, and I don't own 87 forks. But I do think ten forks for someone living alone, who doesn't entertain others, is kind of a lot. 

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