28 April 2020

#52writing cards: Prompts from Shaun Levin's Writing Maps - no. 5

A version of this prompt appears on the Write Through School Writing Map with illustrations by Steve Wiltshire.

I. Daisy 

Time/LIFE image sourced from Crumpled Envelope 
Miss Staple makes me think of Daddy's horse Roger because when she sits down at her desk sometimes she makes a snort sound and I don't know if it is the chalk dust that makes her do it or if she wants to be a horse (sometimes I want to be a horse) but I don't like it when she does it while she looks over our papers -- makes me think I did poorly and it's her way of laughing at me (if it isn't the chalk dust after all).

She doesn't know I'm looking at her now, good. I don't want to listen to Miss Staple. I want to go home and brush Roger's mane and pick the grass out of his hair. He's a happy horse who likes to roll around in our field and I think he's a horse who wants to be a puppy like I'm a girl who wants to be a horse. But only sometimes.

II. Billy

Miss Staple at it again. What is wrong with her? Does she have something stuck in her throat? I wonder what she eats that makes her do that. It's annoying. My sister Daisy says she's a horse or something. I don't see it. I think the chalk dust gets up her nose or she doesn't chew her food, but I don't know which one. Chalk dust doesn't make me sneeze and snort and cough. Hay does, though. That's why I can't help on the farm so much or play with Roger. I have to stay away a bit, and Daddy doesn't like that so much, but I can't help it, so he has me help Ma in the house to "make it even." I'm supposed to help Ma pluck a goose after school. That's something Daisy should be doing if you ask me. No, Miss Staple, nothing's wrong. I'm just thinking a bit. Sorry. I'll get back to work.

III. Peter

Billy's got a really big head and the back of it is like a porcupine. He's so dumb, sometimes I want to kick the back of his seat or hit him upside the head. But I have to stop. Miss Staple gave me a last warning and she'll talk to Pa if I don't calm myself down. I just wish this school day was over with.


Hmm...I was not feeling this particular exercise. My actual school pictures are back in America while I'm in Japan, and I didn't want to write about high school anyway...but for this particular prompt, it was like pulling blood from a stone. Not my best work, but you're going to see it anyway, just to show the first time you write it all out, things tend to suck. I hope you enjoyed my "meh" of a story!

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