04 April 2020

#52writingcards: Prompts from Shaun Levin's Writing Maps - no. 4

A version of this prompt appears on the The Café Writing Map illustrated by Stefania Manzi.

I. Three Cakes in Japan

  • Soufflé Pancakes
    – They look like little pillows stacked on each other – thick, fluffy, and incredibly filling. Nice and warm, golden and sweet, layered in syrup, and I’m blissfully sinking into a cloud high up in the sky. These are the perfect pancakes.
  • Strawberry Cake – So much potential, and so much disappointment. The frosting is a whip with a slimy, cold texture with a barely detectible flavor; the cake is mostly pockets of air rather than the sponge. It looks so good, but doesn’t satisfy – this cake is more intangible than substantial. Thank goodness for the strawberries, the only truly sweet solid of the lot.
  • Christmas Cake – Confusion, so much confusion. The promise of a traditional vanilla and chocolate cake, only for it to be an exercise in clashing palates. Much like the strawberry cake, this is made of air and holes and slimy whip. The entire cake would be lost to subtle flavor if it wasn’t for the tangy fruit goo—pineapple and orange!—clashing with dark chocolate pieces and pseudo-vanilla flavoring and sugary, artificially sweetened, glazed strawberries. My taste buds are fighting each other, and the tart, almost sour taste is pulverizing the sweetness. Why does this war exist within a cake? I do not know.

II. Hey Now, Cakes are People, Too!

  • Brie Larson is a Soufflé Pancake! She has one of the best smiles, is golden and sunny looking, and can play a wide variety of different roles, so she's full of substance and very filling.

  • Nastya Zhidkova is a Strawberry Cake! I have no idea who this model is, but she looks like the cake based on color scheme...so I can't attest to her personality. And since I really blew apart my description of the cake and made it quite negative, there's no way I'd attribute the same traits to this person -- that would just be mean!

  • 1960s Models are Christmas Cake! Actually, the models don't really share the personality of Christmas cake, it's those bonkers patterns on their gowns. At first, it looks interesting and cute, but once you really get a closer look, it's clashapalooza. 

III. Characters and Cakes

Below are characters from my book, Son of the Siren. I'm using character prototypes made with Live Portrait Maker consisting of artwork by Angela He, with extra graphics layered to make a collage (yay art project).  For this scenario I decided to serve the characters the exact same cakes. It was fun to imagine what their reactions would be if they also shared my exact same taste in food!

Lirien eats Soufflé Pancakes: 
Cook, did you save some of these for me? I’ve never seen anything like this before. Are these muffins, or pastry puffs? 
These are pancakes? Huh. Their shape—oh, no, I’m not complaining, I’m fascinated. How do you make these? 
Oh…oh wow…I don’t have the words. I want to eat this all the time.

Cook. I…I don’t know what I did to deserve this. It’s not my birthday…Thank you for keeping some behind for me.

Queen Aurinda eats Strawberry Cake:

What is this? What do you call this?

Did you think I wouldn’t notice what you've done here?

This is not cake. You’ve given me a trigon of air and dried-out foam.

Is there no frosting in this kingdom? 
This won’t do. How dare you present this to me? 
I want you gone. As long as you continue to serve me, I will never be free from this abomination. 

The Siren eats Christmas Cake:

𝄞 This is not the flesh of Man. 
I shall partake no further. 

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