18 April 2020

My #52writingcards Gets a Shout Out!

Image by Writing Maps, host of the #52writingcards project.
Sometimes when you write for the web, it feels like shouting into a great giant void: "Is anyone reading these posts? Hmm...no comments again...does anything I say matter?" etc., etc.

That's why it's always a pleasant surprise when someone reaches out to me. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes it all seem worth it. I treasure these kinds of interactions so much.

Shaun Levin, creator of Writing Maps and the helmer of the #52writingcards prompt that I've been participating in, reached out to me via email a few weeks ago and said:
I googled #52writingcards to see who's using the cards and your post came up on top. What a nice surprise, and what a beautiful piece - it has that lovely quality of someone lying in bed and letting their mind wander. [...] the piece resonated with me very much and I'd love to share it in the next Writing Maps newsletter. Would you be okay with that?
He's referring to this post, which happens to be the very first prompt in the #52writingcards series: writing about your bed. Of course, the prompt is a bit more detailed than that, so you'll have to take a look!

Besides this being a such a kind email to receive, he also hit the nail on the head: I was writing this on my bed and wrote it all in one go, spur-of-the-moment, essentially letting my brain take me wherever it may. This was such a pleasing thing to see -- that he was able to pick up on this (or that I was able to write it in a way to make it so).

And so, on April 10th, my post made the Writing Maps newsletter:

I have always liked Writing Maps. I own several of their maps, notebooks, and notecards. I also gave them a shout out over at Speculative Chic when I was interviewed for My Favorite Things. I highly recommend you give some of the maps a try; or, if you're not ready to bite that bullet, you can participate in the #52writingcards project by signing up for the free newsletter. ⬇️

I'm so grateful to see that my writing is being read, that someone reached out to me, and that I got featured in the newsletter. In the meantime I'll keep plugging away at these prompts. They are admittedly a challenge for me, but it's been fun to stretch my writing muscles with these. I hope you give them a try, too!

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