18 April 2020

Speculative Chic Anniversary! πŸŽ‰

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Exactly two years ago today I joined the gang over at Speculative Chic, a site touted as "A fanzine dedicated to the lines where geek and chic blur," or, in another fun way, "Ladies speculating on speculative things."

There was an open call for editors, and I jumped at the chance to apply. I had next-to-no editing experience (the exception being the few episodes proofing subtitles for Skip Beat! and then editing a video game demo under a pseudonym). These were both high-profile projects, which was so cool to be a part of (to the point where I was pinching myself to make sure it was real) but at the same time, I came on to both of them as an amateur -- armed with my English education and teaching background, but no real experience of what it was like to work under high-pressure deadlines for a product to be consumed by an audience of potentially hundreds of thousands of people. 

I wanted to gain more experience editing. And to be honest, editing an anime and a game was fun and interesting, but I wanted to make sure I kept a hand in the realm of writing and publishing. Since becoming an adjunct, and then later an assistant language teacher, I felt myself becoming more and more untethered from the writing world. Creative projects and fiction of my own kept getting pushed aside. I kept losing contacts and connections with everyone I made from Seton Hill University and related circles outside of it. 

I felt like if I didn't immerse myself in something related to what I wanted to write, I'd continue to lose my place and sink further into that feeling of disconnect. I also felt like my writing experiences (and resumΓ©) were quickly going stale. This was part of the reason why I applied to work for the site.
To my surprise and happiness, I was brought on board and have been editing writers ever since. I've also been invited to write articles from time to time for Speculative Chic as well, which is an added bonus. 

I did not know anything about working directly with authors, editors, and editors-in-chief before this adventure outside of the Term Writing Projects at Seton Hill; and boy howdy it's been forever since I've worked on tight deadlines, pumping out regular content (which I still have trouble with). I made some faux pas in the beginning learning the ropes, but my bosses, Shara White and Casey Price, were kind and patient (and still are!) and taught me so much. I'm continuing to learn, and continuing to have a blast.

I hope I will be a part of the team for a nice long while. Yay for my two-year anniversary!

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