23 May 2020

Roundtable Roundup: April and May 2020

Hello friends! As you may already know, I'm an editor and contributor over at Speculative Chic, a genre webzine that celebrates science fiction, fantasy, and horror -- and our angle is "Ladies Speculating on Speculative Things."

Every month I herd stories and opinions from our contributors on a specially chosen topic, and assemble it into the Roundtable column. Here's our next Roundtable Roundup, covering the last months of spring before the column takes a breather and heads over to our FB page.

April 2020 - The Spec that Satisfies

[...] Last month we brought on the tissues and tears as we covered the saddest moments in speculative fiction…and as a counter to that post, I asked our contributors this month to give People feel happiness differently, and sometimes moments that bring us joy aren’t the typical Happily Ever After…so the key here is that the scenes we’ve chosen satisfy, and from that satisfaction, we feel happiness. This is our speculative comfort food. Please join us at our table, and dig in!
For this post I talk about special, satisfying moments in The Dark Knight, Avengers: Endgame, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. For all the feel-goodness of the genre, read more here.

 May 2020 - New Discoveries

It’s been hard to not make things about coronavirus and COVID-19 lately, but this is our new normal — one of continuous change. Maybe you’re struggling with a lot of free time on your hands due to quarantine. Maybe you’re inundated with bad news and have been seeking a pick-me-up outside of your usual creature comforts. Everyone is experiencing the impact of the virus differently, but one thing’s for sure…this has also been a time where people have been seeking out new things, all for the sake of trying something different. On that note, our editor-in-chic Shara White tapped into the zeitgeist by asking our contributors, “What have you discovered during coronavirus/quarantine that you wouldn’t have otherwise?”

For this entry I dive into the world of manwha (Korean comics) and venture outside my wheelhouse by reading copious amounts of romantic fantasy. I talk about two series available via Tappytoon: The Villian's Savior and A Tender Heart; both of which feature heroines who are magically transported into the worlds of novels to saved doomed characters. Read more here.

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