09 May 2020

The Purple Prince Project: Voltron Legendary Defender, S1-S3

Greetings, star stuff! As you may know, I'm an editor and contributor over at Speculative Chic, and every year contributors do a Resolution Project where they commit to some sort of goal related to books, games, movies, TV, etc.

Given my penchant for white-haired, purple-skinned animated elf men, the editor-in-chief and I have this sort of running gag where my project is unofficially called The Purple Prince Project. This is because I'm rewatching and reviewing Voltron: Legendary Defender with Prince Lotor, and The Dragon Prince, which has Runaan.

First up is Voltron: Legendary Defender, as this is a completed series. Check out my spoiler-filled, detailed reviews of seasons 1-3 by clicking on the images...and beware of spoilers in the descriptions below!
"'DreamWorks’ Voltron Legendary Defender reimagines one of the most popular fan-favorite shows of all time in this all-new, comedic, action-packed series. Five unsuspecting teenagers, transported from Earth into the middle of a sprawling intergalactic war, become pilots for five robotic lions in the battle to protect the universe from evil. Only through the true power of teamwork can they unite to form the mighty warrior known as Voltron, who was first formed 10,000 years ago.'" 
"Fresh off of Season One’s cliffhangerwe’re flying headfirst into an immediate, dangerous situation: the Paladins of Voltron have been separated; the wormhole they used to flee the Galra has collapsed. We open the season right up with each stranded Paladin and their attempts to reunite with each other and survive their strange and possibly deadly new surroundings. This is the immediate problem that must be solved; but as the season continues, there are new threats, new conflicts, and new worlds. With that juicy setup, how’d the rest of Season Two do?"
"The very last images Season Two left us with were Shiro’s empty Black Lion, Zarkon unconscious and near death, and Haggar calling for Prince Lotor — a triple-threat of impactful moments that here on out change the game for our heroes. With so many questions unanswered at the end of Season Two, does Season Three satisfy?"

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