24 August 2020

Today We Turn 10!

I can't believe it, but 10 years ago today, this website came into being. 

This site started out as a required component for my graduate degree program -- the Writing Popular Fiction Program from Seton Hill University -- so it coincides with my first semester of school. 

For many classes, particularly Readings in the Genre, we were required to post our assignments online for public consumption. Our essays, our critiques, and other coursework would go on a blog and as classmates, we were required to comment on each other's work. 

Of course, we could make our blogs much more than a homework assignment. I consider my graduate degree program a part of my professional writing identity, so I opted to make this site a proper domain with what I chose to be my official author name; later when we would take courses in the Business of Writing or learn about author platforms, I decided to make this a part of my platform

Real life gets in the way frequently, so the amount of posts have waxed (and certainly waned) over the years, but the point is, I'm still here sharing my writing journey with you. It's slow going and challenging at times, but I hope that at any point you've stopped by, you've been entertained, you've learned something, and you've never felt alone. 

Thank you so much for being with me all these years. 

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