10 October 2020

Come see me at the Japan Writer's Conference on October 11, 2020!


Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash

This year I'm participating in the Japan Writer's Conference, which will be held online for 2020 via Zoom due to the coronavirus. Check out the schedule of events!

I'll be appearing in a panel discussion with authors John Gribble (host), Warren Decker, Percival Constantine, and Alec McAuley about

The MFA: The Good, The Bad, The Expensive

Here's the official program description of the panel:

Should I get an MFA or other graduate-level degree in writing? Aren’t they expensive? Are they difficult? Are they any good? What sort of program should I look at? What kind of benefits should I expect to receive? These questions and others will be addressed in this session.

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and other advanced degrees with a writing emphasis have become a viable option for those seeking to improve their writing skills and advance themselves professionally. Some programs are full- or part-time on a university campus, some are on-line, some are hybrids, blending elements of both. The panelists, all with advanced writing degrees, will each talk about the programs they attended, their own experiences and answer your questions.

I'll be talking about my experiences with the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction program, where I received my MFA in 2013. Spoiler alert: the program changed my life for the better! 😃 

Please join us -- we'd love to see you there! 

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