14 March 2021

I hit 50% of the book!

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Just a quick post to give you an update on Son of the Siren.  In a recent post, I shared that I cut 78 pages of writing (not sure how many words that was). 

Since that major cut in February, I have recouped those missing page counts and I checked my word count last night. I'm at 40,707 words. 

My goal for the book is to reach 80,000 words, so this means I finally crossed the halfway point of the book!

Years ago...like 2013 or 2014, Son of the Siren was conceptualized as a graphic novel. I made a cover and the first page for it, and it took forever, and I realized the project was way too ambitious for someone of my ability. 

But the story never went away. I made lots of changes to it over the years, but basically I wanted to do some fairy tale retellings, blurring them all together, and that concept stayed throughout the work. 

In 2018, I started writing an actual novel draft. 

It looks like based on my writing history (I'm only judging this based on the other book I've written, The Name and the Key, which was my graduate thesis) that honestly it takes me three years to write a book. This is far too slow for my liking, but it looks like until I get more practice doing so, this is how I roll. 

My goal is to complete this draft in full before I go back to America, so that means summer of 2022. This makes it four years of drafting, but I want this baby to be good. Not just good. Excellent. 

I want this book to be the one that nabs me an agent and opens the door for me to traditional publishing. 

I'm full of big hopes and dreams, and I'm so glad I finally reached the halfway point of my book's word count. 

I don't think it's the halfway point of the actual story, necessarily, but again, I'm not done yet, so it's hard to judge where this book will take me. 

Wish me luck!

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